My interest in film-making developed during my childhood whilst reading David Attenborough's book "Life on Earth".  Hungry for more than the weekly dose of broadcasts by the BBC of "Wildlife on 1" and "The Natural World" I sought out his Natural History works in every bookshop and would stay up late into the night engrossed. 
Like everybody I was fascinated by the animals, but I was also curious to discover what went on behind the lens and decided to make it my lifes goal to meet the stars of the BBC's numerous Natural History Series for myself. 
Growing up in Somerset I was surrounded by the countryside and spent many summer evenings looking out the window for foxes and badgers.  I find Animal behaviour enthralling and get a huge enjoyment from capturing and relaying animal stories through visual media.  
I have always been drawn to the "Underwater World" so it came as no surprise that my filming career began in the oceans.  Originally learning to Scuba dive in the UK, I am now an active SSI Underwater Videography & Photography Instructor.  Diving has taken me to Egypt, Malta, Thailand, Malaysia, the Azoresthe Philippines and Indonesia
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